To date, the Penrith Panthers have had another successful season with finals beckoning in 2021.

Sitting pretty in the top four ahead of the final month of the home and away season, it has been a year full of plenty of positives right across the entire club.

While the COVID-19 outbreak in New South Wales has forced teams to shift interstate, the Panthers players have taken it to the next level in order to keep fans at the top of their thoughts.

“Although contact and access is limited with the team now residing in Queensland, we are blessed to have the group of NRL players we do – sharing, interacting, commenting across all forms of digital media at will,” the Penrith Panthers told

“This seems to be the new norm for any fan to stay informed. Not only in the NRL, but across all sports worldwide.”

One such highlight for the year came in the middle of the season, when a number of Penrith stars featured in the annual State of Origin clash between New South Wales and Queensland, while a strong culture has played a major part in the growth of the entire playing group.

“Having seven players selected to represent the club at State of Origin level (was a big boost),” they said.

“It has all come from continually driving strong culture. Culture from the younger grade players making their mark, right through to the culture of the leaders above the program.

“From Ivan (Cleary), to his assistant coaches, to the captain’s, to the starting 17 players.”

The Panthers feel their greatest strength sits in their ability to “nurture and develop youth talent from our own junior league”, with overall participation at the community level growing throughout the last 12 months, especially in the female area.

Steeden products are widely used by the Penrith Panthers, with the high quality nature of balls viewed highly across the club.

“Steeden and Rugby League are synonymous with one & other. Using their products allows those young or old to replicate the feeling of being a star NRL athlete,” the Panthers said.

“The NRL Team Supporter Ball, Panthers of course (is the most popular ball). Purely being able to show your pride and tribalism within the community by having a ball with you team colours and logo.”